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Fixed braces are commonly known as “train track” braces. These braces involve attaching metal or tooth-coloured brackets to the front of your teeth and then running a distinct wire over the brackets to tweak the teeth into the correct position. Because of the brackets adhering to your teeth, they do not come off for the duration of the orthodontic treatment.

With fixed braces, it may feel uncomfortable at first and it will take some time adjusting to the raised brackets rubbing against your lips or cheeks. Your orthodontist will give you some dental wax to prevent running, making it a more enjoyable experience. Particularly with fixed braces, you may feel discomfort in your jaw or experience headaches when the braces are first inserted and when the wires are tightened – a painkiller may help ease the discomfort. If the pain persists, it is advised that you speak with your orthodontist immediately as adjustments to the braces may be required.

Fixed braces may seem like you can’t enjoy your favourite foods, but you actually can! The only foods to avoid are toffees, chewy sweets, and hard foods like toast. Even though most foods can be consumed while wearing fixed braces, it is very important that you be extra careful when brushing your teeth. Twice a day is essential – using fluoride toothpaste – and adding an additional fluoride wash before bed can add extra benefits in teeth protection. Avoidance of proper dental care can lead to permanently stained teeth – we don’t want that!

In addition to the brace, the orthodontist may attach elastic bands to the brackets to increase pressure at certain points. You can even get coloured elastics to make the braces your own unique style.

After it’s all done, fixed braces do require a retainer but you will be able to remove it as instructed by your orthodontist.

For more information about fixed braces or to book a consultation with one of our professional orthodontists, please contact us now.

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My children have been coming to SOS for nearly 2 years. They have received nothing but the best possible care and attention from day one. Nothing is too much trouble whether it is fitting them in at the last minute after they have broke there brace or changing an appointment. Everyone is always polite, friendly and professional considering how busy they are.

Claire Shackleston