You are brace free and ready to show the world your perfect smile

It’s important not to forget aftercare – your retainers

Finally, they’re off! You are brace free and ready to show the world your perfect smile, but it’s important not to forget aftercare – your retainers. Without retainers, a perfect smile can revert to its original state. Your teeth continue to move even after braces, so choosing the appropriate retainer is important for maintenance and to follow your orthodontist’s instructions.

So, why do teeth move even after braces?

Orthodontic treatment holds your teeth in position by using braces, but once they are removed, your gums and their tiny elastic fibres try to pull you teeth back to their original state – also known as “orthodontic relapse.” After time, these fibres will reform and stop fighting to get the teeth back.

If you are younger, your jaw continues to grow as you grow older and this too can cause your teeth to move after final treatment. This is why wearing your retainers is a key component to ensure your orthodontic treatment and investment is maintained for your life.

When is the most risk? Right after your braces are removed, but don’t worry, over time your teeth will stabilise into their new position. However, to guarantee your teeth stay in place, wear your retainer. Yes, it’s a lifelong commitment, but your smile will thank you!

Removable retainers

Removable retainers resemble a thin, clear gumshield, which closely fits over your teeth and keeps them in place. These retainers are customised to your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. As per your orthodontist’s instructions, you will be told how often to wear your retainers, how to clean them and keep them safe, and options for purchasing a spare set.

Fixed retainers

Do you have a forgetful mind? Well, fixed retainers are the perfect choice for you. Fixed retainers are made of a stainless steel wire that is permanently (no changing required) attached behind your front teeth. The process takes place immediately after your braces are taken off. Just a little extra brushing and you will never know they are there.

If you experience any issues with your retainers, please contact us as soon as possible.

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