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Metal Braces provide effective correction of your teeth.


Most of us know the big, clunky metal braces from back in the day, although they were robust and very effective, they were an eyesore. Thankfully, times have changed, and now there are metal braces that accurately correct teeth and are small enough to not be as noticeable during treatment.

3M Victory™ Traditional Braces are specially designed to be a low profile, durable, and as effective solution to big, metal braces. The small and flat metal braces are manufactured from a strong metal that is built to withhold breaks and knocks. Not to mention, 3M Victory™ Traditional Braces are easy to clean, feel comfortable in your mouth, and come in a variety of colours – a new kind of confidence!

Features and Benefits

  • Tiny and flat braces that provides full comfort
  • Attractive Aesthetics
  • High bonding strength to ensure corrective function
  • Natural conformation to teeth to reach maximum coverage and comfort
  • No rubbing or abrasions on the lips and gums
  • Coloured bands available to match your personal style.

Even though your orthodontic treatment recommends 3M Victory™ Traditional Braces for the best corrective action, you will certainly not have a metal mouth, but one that showcases your beautiful smile for the duration of your treatment.

3M is a world leader in technology and research. They have been producing innovative products that improve lives for over 100 years, and were the first to produce stainless steel braces.

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