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For your brace treatment to be successful - you will need to look after your braces very carefully.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Braces

In order to get the best results from your brace treatment, then you need to have a good care routine to ensure that your braces are kept clean. Central to this is regular and effective tooth brushing. if you don’t practice this activity regularly (every day), then plaque leftovers will create acid that will eventually lead to gum inflammation and tooth decay. If your tooth brushing activity is irregular and inadequate, then your brace treatment may be ineffective and we may have to terminate the orthodontic treatment.

You may need to introduce some diet changes too. For instance, while the brace treatment is in place, you must stay away from sticky and chewy foods such as sweets and chewing gum. If you want to consume some hard foods like French bread or apples, then you should slice, dice or grate them first. The reason for this is quite simple – if you bite on hard raw foods you can easily break or damage the braces and your treatment will be less effective. It is also a good idea to stay away from fizzy drinks. If you really want to consume these beverages, then we would advise doing so once a week and using a straw.

Taking good care of your braces is not a simple task and this activity requires time and patience. When brushing your teeth, the brushing of your braces should not be conducted in an aggressive and forceful manner. You must be careful and gentle. Once you are finished, inspect the braces and your teeth for any food debris and leftovers to ensure they are completely clean.

Braces come with many small spaces which are perfect for food entrapment. If any of these leftovers remains, then plaque will build-up and, as we are sure you are aware, the build-up of plaque can trigger other dental issues. That’s why is it very important to brush your teeth once you are finished with your meal. It is also a good idea to use dental floss and mouthwash to keep your dental hygiene routine to a high standard.

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