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Find a discreet way to the perfect smile with adult orthodontic treatment

Thanks to developments in dental technology teeth straightening for adults is now more common – and accessible – than ever.

Previously adults who missed out on NHS treatment as youngsters were less likely to seek treatment as an adult due to expense or concerns about visible braces.

Thankfully the development of affordable and discreet orthodontic treatments mean teeth straightening has become a very feasible option for adults who are unhappy with their teeth.

Why choose adult orthodontic treatment

Appearance is the main reason most adults choose to straighten their teeth, but orthodontic treatment could also help problems with the position of the teeth that then affect the bite.

More serious cases of overcrowded teeth, a pronounced bite or an under bite are usually dealt with in young teenagers when the teeth and gums are more flexible.

However, mild cases are often not treated by the NHS and the movement of teeth over time can make minor complaints more apparent.

There is also the chance that you missed out on orthodontic treatment entirely.

While adult teeth may take longer to manipulate into place, age is not a barrier when it comes to straightening teeth.

Orthodontic treatments for adults

While traditional metal braces are an option, there are a number of highly discreet adult orthodontic treatments now available.

Rather than being put off adult orthodontic treatment by worrying about very visible braces, look to ‘invisible’ braces or those worn behind the teeth.

Metal braces remain highly effective and are a quick method to straighten teeth but are now smaller and available in different colours, clear or ceramic - which can closely match the colour of teeth.

Lingual braces are a popular choice of discreet adult orthodontic treatment which are fitted to the back of the teeth allowing them to exert constant pressure to straighten the teeth without being obviously visible.

Invisalign is also hugely popular with adults looking to have their teeth straightened as the clear aligners are translucent allowing for incredibly discreet treatment.

With effective and discreet options for teeth straightening it is never too late to get the perfect smile.

Adult orthodontic treatment generally takes from 12 to 18 months depending on the nature of the problem.

For more information on adult orthodontic treatment contact Stoke Orthodontics to book an appointment or to talk to a specialist about the options available to you. Child orthodontics are also available private and on the NHS (a waiting list is currently in operation).