Colgate ® MaxWhite One Professional is a take home, tray-based, whitening system.

Over time teeth can discolour, especially as you get older. They tend to get darker and lack that sparkle that they used to have.

It’s a simple fact that what we eat and drink affects the way our teeth look. Together with our age and if you happen to smoke, all of these have a detrimental affect on the way our teeth look. At Stoke Orthodontics we provide teeth whitening treatments such as Colgate MaxWhite One Professional which can give you visibly whiter teeth in just three days

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From only £125*

Christmas offer for *one or more arches.

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1 Visibly whiter teeth in just 3 days **
2 Convenient and easy to use
3 Complies with UK legislation
4 A brand you can trust
5 Clinically proven whitening efficacy
6 Use for as little as 30 minutes per day

Our practice is CQC registered and our goal is to offer and provide the highest standard of orthodontic care to our patients at all times.

Teeth whitening with confidence

What does the treatment involve?

Colgate MaxWhite One Professional has been specially formulated to remove tooth discolouration and is very convenient and easy to use. Initially the first application is applied in the dental surgery and the rest of the treatment can be carried out by yourself in the comfort of your own home. For as little as 30 minutes per day you can start seeing the dramatic effects it can have on the colour of your teeth, removing stains and making them much whiter.

*cost is based on a single arch

**Mohan et al. J Dent 2008; 36:21-26.

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