Retainer Instructions

Wear the retainers for 2 weeks full-time (day and night) and then every night indefinitely to avoid teeth moving position.

Caring For Your Retainer

  • If your retainers ever feel tight you must wear it more often as this is a warning sign that your teeth are moving.
  • Remove for eating, drinking, any sports (including swimming) and when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Do not put the retainers in hot water or drink hot drinks with them in place as they are formed by heat so the retainer will change shape and will no longer fit.
  • Keep the retainers safe in a rigid plastic container, never wrap them in a tissue as they may get thrown away. A box can be purchased from reception for £1.
  • Only one retainer is issued after completion of treatment, to replace lost or damaged retainers there will be a charge. To replace the upper and lower it will cost you over £140. Keep them safe!
  • Clean the retainers morning and night with COLD water using a toothbrush to scrub them. You can use a liquid soap to clean them but do NOT use toothpaste.
  • Retainerbrite can be used once or twice a week as an additional cleaning solution which will help to keep the retainers clean. This can be purchased from reception for £6.50.
  • Bring your retainers to any retainer check appointments. If you do not bring your retainers you will be asked to re-book your appointment.

If you do not wear the retainers, your teeth will relapse back towards their original position and braces will not be offered on the NHS again.

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