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Lingual braces: The hidden braces that you can smile about

Adults who decide they want their teeth straightened in later life will find the world of braces has changed remarkably since their school days.

Likewise should your child be in the position where they need braces fitting you will find the variety of choice – and subtlety – impressive.

There is no doubting the efficiency of fixed braces for offering a comprehensive solution to teeth that have grown out of position, but for teenagers and adults concerned about feeling self-conscious there are some great options available.

Lingual braces – a hidden solution for teeth straightening

Most braces are fitted while children are aged around 12 to 13 years old, as the fact that they are still growing brings better results. This is also a time when self image becomes an issue for many youngsters, and while many of their friends will also need braces fitted it may be that your child is desperate for their braces to be hidden from sight.

Adults who may have missed out on orthodontic treatment may find that time has accentuated their wonky teeth but they don’t want obvious treatment to correct that.

Step forward lingual braces. A huge development in the orthodontic world, lingual braces allow people to have their teeth straightened while remaining out of sight.

Fixed behind the teeth, lingual braces do their work from the inside of the mouth making having fixed braces a far less visible experience.

Subtle treatment will help to stop patients feeling self-conscious

As a general rule dental braces will remain in place for between six months and two years so it is important that adults and teenagers alike are happy with the way they look.

Rather than worrying about braces being noticeable patients choosing lingual braces can look forwards to the result and having their uneven teeth turned into a neat smile.

Lingual braces are an excellent way to help offset some of the anxieties about having braces fitted, particularly for professionals, young adults and teenagers who can be very much concerned with their image.

While dental braces are temporary and the pay-off is a smile that is worth it, the subtlety of lingual braces allows that time to pass without the worry of feeling self-conscious.

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