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Keep your teeth clean while wearing braces to protect your smile

Good dental hygiene is important to protecting the health of your teeth but when you are having orthodontic treatment this is even more important.

Due to braces closely fitting to the surface of the teeth, keeping teeth cleaning during orthodontic treatment can be more of a challenge so it pays to be vigilant.

As the purpose of having braces fitted is to improve the appearance of your teeth it makes sense to make sure you take every step possible protect them during treatment.

Why is hygiene so important during orthodontic treatment?

The issue with braces is the potential for food to get stuck in the fittings and cause plaque, which can break down the enamel.

The bacteria that causes plaque will attack the teeth and can cause dental problems such as cavities, which will leave you in need of a filling, or even gum disease.

Another problem associated with good hygiene and dental braces is decalcification. This is caused by plaque sticking to the teeth and being left there over a period of time.

Decalcification will see white spots and marks develop on the teeth where plaque was allowed to accumulate.

As a result it is really important to make sure teeth are kept clean during orthodontic treatment and that you take care to brush those difficult to reach areas around the braces.

How should I clean my teeth when wearing braces?

A thorough approach is absolutely essential to protect against decay and staining while wearing braces.

When wearing braces attention needs to be paid to the braces as well as the teeth.

Begin by cleaning each tooth individually as you would without braces. Take time to brush each tooth individually, cleaning the front top and back and angling the toothbrush to enable you to properly clean the gum line.

When all surfaces of the teeth have been cleaned pay attention to the braces as this is where food can get stuck.

Angle your tooth brush to brush the surface of the fittings, then angle it to point to the bottom of the mouth to allow the bristles to reach behind the wires and fittings.

Repeat this in the opposite direction with the toothbrush pointing to the top of the mouth allowing you to brush underneath the wires and fittings.

Flossing to get rid of any stubborn bacteria is also recommended, although as fitted braces can make this tricky using an interdental brush to clean between teeth and around the brace fittings is a good solution.

Using an electric toothbrush is a good way to help you maintain the right pressure while methodically brushing every surface of the tooth.

Remember to regularly check that your teeth look and feel clean, dealing with any stuck food when the need arises.

Brushing teeth while wearing braces may require a little extra attention but it will all be worth it in the end.

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