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How will retainers help to straighten my teeth?

Once you have made the decision to straighten your teeth you also need to make sure that you are prepared to look after them and that will nearly always require retainers.

While treatment to have your teeth straightened through methods such as Invisalign or wearing braces will result in a fantastic finish, the care does not end there.

The flexibility that allows teeth to be moved into a more linear position can also allow for movement back and this is where retainers come in.

What are retainers?

Retainers are used to help teeth remain in position once the initial teeth straightening treatment is complete.

Many retainers are a tailor-made clear mould that fits over the teeth and holds then in place, minimising any movement that may occur as the teeth stabilise.

These clear retainers can be taken out whenever needed.

It is also possible to have stainless steel retainers fixed directly to the back of the teeth.

Your dentist will advise on the best option for you – and how to keep your retainers clean.

How long do you need to wear retainers for?

How long each individual patient needs to wear retainers for as part of their teeth straightening treatment will be decided by the dentist.

As a general rule though in the year following treatment retainers should be worn for 12 months after treatment, this will prevent teeth from moving back into their previous position.

Having great looking teeth does take some commitment and retainers are your friend in keeping those perfectly straight teeth you have worked hard to achieve. Wearing retainers at night will help to stop your teeth moving over time, so committing to wearing it will help to protect the position of your teeth.

This is a lifetime commitment and the more you want your teeth to look perfectly straight the more important it is to remember to use your retainers.

As we age our teeth can move position; continuing to wear your retainers will help to protect your teeth from this and will work to maintain a perfect smile.

While braces or Invisalign will straighten your teeth it is wearing retainers that will keep them straight!

Speak to an expert about teeth retainers

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