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Discreet and effective: Have you considered ceramic braces?

Teeth straightening is a means to a very welcome end to uneven teeth that reveals a brighter smile. But the work involved in getting that perfect smile can leave some people feeling self-conscious, which is why ceramic braces can be an excellent option.

Correcting an overbite, ungrouping teeth or just smoothing out minor imperfections in your teeth will usually involve wearing a brace of some description.

For many dental patients this can be a time of anxiety about their appearance, particularly in self-conscious teenagers or people who work full-time in a busy office or are customer facing.

The benefits of ceramic braces

More discreet teeth straightening methods have helped to reduce the self-conscious concerns associated with wearing braces, in turn making more adults consider the treatment.

Patients choosing to have their teeth straightened will be presented with a number of options by their orthodontist – some of which may offer faster treatment and others that are more discreet. To make the best decision it is worth discussing the options with your orthodontist to way up the pros and cons against your personal circumstances.

  • Ceramic braces can be seen as offering the best of both worlds. Applied in a similar way to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces can work very effectively.
  • While metal braces are regarded as the fastest option when it comes to teeth straightening, ceramic braces also offer quicker treatment times, especially when compared to more flexible teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign.

Discreet and effective

While offering effective treatment, ceramic braces bring the added benefit of being far less visible than metal braces. Due to the way that they are made ceramic braces can be made in any colour, including white.

As well making brackets that are translucent or tooth-coloured some brands, such as 3M, can also create coloured wires to further minimise the appearance of braces. This makes for a highly discreet teeth straightening solution.

Known for comfort and durability, ceramic braces make an excellent choice for patients looking for fast and efficient teeth straightening but who want less visible braces.

With high quality ceramic braces you really can have it all – and smile with confidence throughout your treatment.

Find out more about ceramic braces by speaking to the experts

To discuss having ceramic braces fitted us our contact form online or call the Stoke Orthodontic practice on 01782 279110 where a member of the team will be more than happy to help and provide details on the options.